Ebola Is An Important Issue On A Global Scale

At present there are over a thousand deaths caused by the disease in the DRC.

Thanks to vaccines given to thousands of people the outbreak is a fraction of what happened a few years ago.

Investigators are looking at the science to understand the relationship to China’s pig problem that is affecting the food chain around the world.

The diseases that affect people and animals bear some relation to the growing problem with Ebola and viruses like it, or similar to it.

Many countries are lending a hand financially and in many other ways to develop a better global approach to finding lasting sustainable changes that bring hard won outcomes to this serious problem.

This problem deserves a better understanding by all of us to gain a better education and support for ongoing and future global concerns.

Please stay informed and support the efforts at work for Ebola outbreak in DRC, pigs in China and around the world with Ebola like diseases, and the vaccines that protect the human populations affected by diseases like Ebola viruses.

There is much more information available on these topics, but the reporting is gratefully rich and plentiful.

Please support this effort.


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