Pattern – Wikipedia

Pattern – Wikipedia
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Patterns in life are essential to finding a connection or meaning in what works for us.

We all connect with nature, ideas, and various other forms of patterns as a way to express our needs in the moment.

Our needs become less obvious the more we disconnect with the moment.

Patterns may be one way to reconnect.

Learning has a lot to do with recognition of patterns.

Nature has many patterns like fractals that help us connect with it through our five senses.

This is true in mathematics or any other area of knowledge.

Have a time out from everything and everyone is the absence of pattern. Sometimes we just need to watch TV, sit oblivious  to all or get some sleep.

Bottom line, patterns are a big part of our lives and are seen in everything or everyone by using our senses.

Pay attention to this progress and use the proper use of impressions to do no harm to yourself or others while using patterns.

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