“…worst of all when you are a slave-driver of yourself.”-Henry David Thoreau

The work/play balance is apt to be towards work-at least eight hours a day, 5 days a week, most months of the year, but for holidays, sick days and important appointments like the doctor.

Most of the time fatigue will plague most forms of play.

Sometimes it is best to find a place to begin and formulate a plan to build a better habit.

Awareness is key, ask yourself if the above title applies to you and weather you are willing to change.

A lot of needless pain can build over a lifetime, this is another reason to use a work/play balance to readjust mistakes or problems in the day to day routine.

I like playing and I am curious. I am apt to follow my curiosity and suggest you do the same.

I am interested in blogging and poetry, philosophy, photography, science, current events, news, cooking, living, and much, much more. It has kept me playing since the early two thousands on this blog alone!

I sincerely wish everyone a merry adventure, and best regards concerning their work/play balance.

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