A kind of reasoning that deduces whether something is true.

A rule like this can interrupt the study and discussion.

It is a formal side to philosophy.

But it is useful in understanding the work done by philosophers like Epictetus and Aristotle’s Organon.

There are too many rules to follow or use.

To understand the need to know may be easier after studying Sherlock Holmes or the mystery that thinking seems to adhere to by celebrities or popular figures in history.

The greater mystery is to discover the rules that we each need to know to live the good life that Epictetus espoused to his young students.

The great differences between philosophy is not easy to learn without studying the relationship between teacher and student.

Plato held Aristotle’s studious way in high regard, although each philosophy offered different approaches to similar problems.

Being curious about the dry knowledge like Syllogism takes more than most of us are willing to pursue.

But, maybe it’s enough to be a little more aware of all the ways to be.

Does not make for good reading, study or a passion for knowledge…

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