First Time Wearing Mask At Walmart And On Victoria Transit

More of The New Normal.

Masked Man

The bus already asks, “Please wear a mask”, well on-board the bus. Face masks will be mandatory as of August 24,2020.

Funny, my iPhone doesn’t recognize me.

As I entered Walmart, I overheard a lady and man, “I have a mask in the car” and “Do I need a mask now?”. “You can get a mask from the host as you walk into the store.”

Well, back on the bus, back home and off with this disposable mask!

Welcome to the new normal.

Are Masks Going To Be Mandatory?

We wear a mask if we are sick, caring for someone that is sick, feeling uncomfortable without one, when in confined spaces where physical distancing is unlikely and when society thinks or believes it is a good idea.

Lately, buses and Walmart think it is a good idea.

Lately, Governments are thinking it is a good idea.

Public opinion is becoming more conservative as this blog becomes published,

So ya I think we are at a tipping point.

Will there be a run on masks?

Who knows, but just think toilet paper, hand sanitizers and gloves.

I would like to see a run on ‘peace of mind…’