How do you waste the most time every day?

Awake with the sun.

Morning routine with “strengthside”, a 20 minute YouTube vid. And another 10 minute one for beginners about stretching.

Either work or on my day off, writing, guitar, photography,hiking, other hobbies, chores like today (laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, and 2 hours of work).

I usually watch an hour or two of programming from various entertainment outlets.

I have an evening routine of winding down an hour before bed, take a shower and prep for work tomorrow.

Personal time 3 hours + chore time 3 hours+ work and travel time 3 hours+ 8 hours sleep + 2 hours exercise + 2 hours meals + 1 hour meditation + 1 hour mental exercise on elevation app. + 1 hour on miscellaneous (hurry,worry,negative self talk, socialization, vegging and procrastination, and much more emotional, mental, beliefs and behavioural stuff)=24 hours.

I continue to learn and practice doing no harm and doing my best.

I can only blame myself for wasting time.

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