Best Habit You Can Ever Learn….

Habits may need an introduction here, that being said, I recommend the power of habit, I am sure there is a good book on good habits like this one.

Still, how you do it may require a brief explanation. One point is ‘taking care’. Another is challenging yourself to practice ‘taking care’ for 3 weeks. And lastly, start with whatever is most important to you.

This may be physical, emotional or mental. Perhaps a combination of all three, at least at some point within the three week effort.

If you don’t understand why, you may need to do it on faith. It may pay off for you.

Now, the promise or benefits, you will feel better about stuff or at the very least acquire some self knowledge around how important a balance lifestyle may be to you.

You will get better sleep, nutrition and exercise. Become better with people, places and things.

You will find your bliss or lack of it.

Perhaps you will find a better way to take care of you and others.

Bottom line I give to Socrates, KnowYourself ! He said something like awareness is key.

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