Where is Monaco Monte Carlo? When we travel at Monaco Addict or answer client’s email from our online store for Monaco lovers we often are asked where is Monaco? The principality of Monaco is indeed a small country; it is not always easy to locate it on a map. Monaco is located at the south of Europe, bordered by France and the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is only 10 kilometers (~6 miles) on the west border of Italy. Monaco is only 2.02 km2 (0.78 sq mi) and enjoy a wealthy population of 36 000 inhabitants. Where is Monaco on a map? Monaco in Europe Monaco map…
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There are many reason to travel, but only a few to go to places like Monaco.

First, travel is the responsibility of a world citizen to learn about new places.

The best place to start is to become an arm chair tourist.

It is the safest way to learn information like safe ways to visit Monaco.

Some is hard work, like customs and traditions to learn to visit this unique place in a lawful, respectful manner.

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