Truly A Good Night Sleep

There is a lot of sleep deprivation going on because of Covid-19.

There are many free sleeping recordings to subscribe to on YouTube.

This 8 hour lucid dreaming hypnosis guided meditation recording seems to be the first choice.

The length is useful, so is the dark screen.

It helps you fall asleep on many levels: it claims to kindly remind your subconscious and unconscious mind by repeating this kind reminder over and over in a subtle hypnotic gentle reassuring neutral speaking female voice while you are awake and observing so you can be aware.

Of course it does require a willing subject with an open mind with a true desire for a good nite sleep

If this describes you, please try the link above.

If this does not work for you after five days, you may want to check with your doctor before your sleep problem grows worse.

Having tried this vid myself, I have subscribed to her YouTube channel and look forward to using her vid as a sleep aid now and in the future.

I have been using many sleep vids for years, but this one I recommend in the highest rating because it simply works the best.

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