Electro Dynamic Propulsion

The perpetual motion machine is a myth.

Not according to my father.

When I was young, my father would have one too many on a Friday night and ramble on about inert gas and iron filings, in a pressurized steal/iron container which was pressure sealed to create a new power source which could run machines forever.

As a young boy, with his mother looking on and his sister and step-sisters in bed, I felt privileged and dangerously close to a father who seemed surprisingly passionate and creative (at least as a storyteller).

And thank god for my mother.

So I have an inside look about such notions.

If you feel keen, please watch the vid from Ted Talk.

So, maybe I tricked you here. But the point is that some people believe like my father that the earth is in perpetual motion for resources like water.

I am a believer in respecting authority like my father, but who respects the earth enough to prevent harm to her from our own hands. Instead of “Guardians Of The Galaxy”, I propose Guardians Of Earth from you know who.

I’m still working on my carbon footprint too!

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