Universal Guaranteed Income in a first world economy might help those who need it, want it or fall into it.

To me, it helps more than it hurts, a preventative to poverty, disease and starvation.

There is fear and doubt that this is true and I am willing to listen and learn about this issue because I think it is beyond political politics and enters the fringe of health and safety!

Social commentary may prove to be a weak support for the cynic in all of us, but I think not for Diogenes.

He is my champion for determination and a drive to overcome adversity. For those that lack knowledge of his story, it is worth considering why he may have fallen so low. Both his father and himself were blamed for defacing the currency of the time, that was about 2000 years ago.

If there is any truth to this, he may have found solace during his great fall, after all, did he not resign all control and depend on society for his every need. I go further, and say, is not a little of the ‘Diogenes spirit’ in everyone of us….

Paradoxically, he became a ‘dog’, part wiseman, part scoundrel and above all, a human being.

I believe we can all benefit from a healthy dose of cynicism on any topic.

And wisdom is even more useful in deciding about a universal guaranteed income,

Yet, I am skeptical about the topic, logically, Diogenes did borrow from society’s purse and some would say it made him a better person.

What say you?

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