Joe Public Vs Mr. Society: Respect

Joe Public: Six things I do, whenever I desire respect from society.

Mr. Society: Poor Joe, did you loose your job.

JB: You think anyone is expendable, like a used tissue.

MS: Poor Joe, are you on your way out?

JB: the issue of respect is important and is a kind of attitude or virtue I build in my life. Sure, I slip and feel sorry or a little depressed when stumbling through change like COVID-19.

MS: We are surviving this pandemic.

JP: Yes, many people like me are stepping up to work, or self isolate. Everyone is struggling with this crisis. Sure it is distracting when media and public figures misbehave when times are bad. I want to help.

MS: Then fix this mess we are in right now.

JB: No, if there are people out there like me, considering doing harm, in the name of ‘the greater good’, think again, it may not help when the group pressures and demands the impossible, but it does not help to cave to societies bullying habits or to act out in society in an attempt to get back at the group or society at large.

MS: Way to go Joe.

JP: Not so fast buddy. Things are really serious and this kind of crisis can overwhelm anyone. Being a little more aware is a step in the right direction.

MS: Okay Joe, point taken.

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