The Philosophy Of Being An Extrovert Or An Introvert

Just like there are very few absolutes or answers in life,

It all helps to know who you are,

The crowd energizes me-extrovert.

Or not, introvert.

I like competitive sports like hockey, there is a rush getting out on the ice with all the players-extrovert.

I like to read and have deep thoughts, maybe a conversation about the idea with a like minded person-introvert.

Philosophically it is important to get to know yourself and have a good teacher to show you the ropes of your extroversion or introversion.

Ideally you need to process your desires and aversion to learn how to conduct yourself like everybody else.

In western society we tend to reward extrovert and punish introverts.

But people are who they are,

Like a gay is a gay or a straight is a straight and everyone in between!

Society is becoming more tolerant of differences,

But in the interim, be yourself and learn the difference.

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