Explaining the Classes of an ANSI Safety Vest

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A safety vest is tested to meet the needs of various jobs.

I used the classification to determine the level of protection I need walking to work in high volume traffic approaching speeds of 60 kilometres an hour. My job is located in an industrial area where many vehicles compete for space and time. Generally, it is a dense area that approaches the above speeds or lower but has many oversized vehicles with limited visibility. I go early between 5 and 6 in the morning when it is dark and many of the workers are arriving for work.

I picked the class 2, level two jack that has meeted my needs for the last few years.

Unfortunately, the reflection quality dims after 25 washes. I generally buy a new jacket for these reasons every three to five year.

At 60 dollars a pop, I would like a break, but I have yet to find an innovative way to recoup the expense.