Propaganda Meets Entertainment As World Politics Heat Up

Money is an expression of power, so is business, politics and religion.

There is a kind of animation or cartoon appeal to all the above.

Most people read papers like the Epoch Times as a form of entertainment but any media can be used by governments, political parties and others as propaganda.

At the seat of many problems it is a combination of all the above.

This paper is a good example of harmless entertainment being used for or by others to harm or fight another group.

Why is this wacky stuff going on in the world today?

It almost looks like ideology wars.

Many would say it is an obvious pro Trump or anti China paper.

Perhaps a pro religion anti government paper, pro conspiracy anti fact…

The paper would be a farce if it was strictly entertainment, but the serious business makes it a money maker and unites many political followers under the guise of bad entertainment.

To me propaganda is like porn, vile in its exploitation, animated in its execution and violent in its consumption and excess use.

But I believe in freedom of speech, debates to discover useful truth and wisdom, however the application of said worth is something we all need to sort out for ourselves.

What do you think of the Epoch Times?

Surrealism For Freedom Of Speech

I can’t here you.

My location is being protected to keep me safe.

Are you hiding in plain sight?

My culture can’t see me anymore.

Did they hide you in plain sight?

Of course not, they just want western civilization to collapse.

My western civilization has wings and will fly away if you try to collapse her.

I actually have a buzzing in my ears as my thought begins to strangle any semblance of vocalization.

Don’t choke on that thought, perhaps you shouldn’t allow yourself that thought.

Burdened by pride and prejudice, western civilization lost her footing and fell to her death.


Why are the bullied bullying the bully?

To be specific would criminalize the author of this ‘hate speech ‘.