Bribe Them

It’s a good way to get into the thick of things.

Is a bribe a good or bad thing?

It just depends on harm and the degree.

Anything in high degrees can cause excessive damage.

And the lose of life is always too high.

Everything is a possible temptation, and the higher the desire the harder an offer is to turn down.

A lot of different offers are available.

Some are rather provocative: sex, religion, politics and money, power and prestige.

So, get out there and register for those surveys, likes on social media or maybe a little extra attention from your heavenly desires.

Her Game

She waits, she longs, she desires…

Quiet spaces leave everything so empty.

Time slowing down makes waiting all the longer.

Fine food and wine and company is just a prelude to touching, kissing and hugging.
So much to do and gaps full of emptiness, waiting and desire.

The roller coaster is running fast, up and down, and around again.
He is a rolling stone who arrives unexpectedly and leaves too quickly.

He is here and gone again.

She wants him.

She needs a man.
He is gone.

She is free again.

Will she find some other guy?

She waits, she longs, she desires…