Nature Is Blind

Nature is long: infinite.

To identify nature, break it into parts: neutrons, electrons, protons and smaller parts that end up as pieces of light or energy.

These parts of nature don’t give much away to the user or the observer unless you are in alignment with nature.

If one observes matter that is alive or dead there may be bigger parts than what light and energy are made of but it does’t help one learn how to use nature.

Our own nature is not blind,

We can all learn more about ourselves and be closer to nature at the same time.

To condense nature, is to make energy and light so dense that when it expands it tends to blow up.

To put consciousness into the universe, it has to exist in everything that is alive.

Where else can consciousness live than in the creatures we call alive.

Consciousness is the alive part of nature or the discrete part of intelligent life in the universe.

Together the composite has infinite intelligence which is unrecognizable to any individual and the parts of consciousness is unrecognizable in matter that is not itself alive.

In this sense, nature is blind to itself and unrecognizable to us.

We will learn about nature as each of us spends the time and effort to learn about our own nature.