Mike Idea For A Vid

What about a drama/documentary to stir your imagination on challenging topics?

I have a sincere interest in history, physics and energy use and application in society today.

My pic is a little outside mainstream but will attract some people.

If you are curious, check out the vid suggestion below.


Calm, Still, Silent: Do no harm!

If you had to give up one word that you use regularly, what would it be?

I actually use all the above words all the time.

It is not impulsive. It is a practice.

I can stop any time.

Why bother?

Why Understanding And Accepting ‘Argument’ Is Important

In today’s society, people are becoming dumber, unengaged, and too nice.

Dumber, because technically we don’t think enough to work out our own problems, nor do we help sort out societal problems.

Luckily there is a way out. Or through our modern day dilemma.

Unengaged, because we isolate, avoid others and remain uninformed about the very issues causing all these symptoms in society today.

Too nice, we have been followers in one of the riches cultural exchanges of this generation.

Sink or swim? Stop. Think. Decide.

You need to learn to reverse course, learn why and how to argue.

Check out the article below, stay tuned to follow up articles on the same topic.


Woke And The Effects on Society


There is a lot of fear and unrest as a result of left wing authoritarian behaviour.

Optics tend to be difficult to control due to the instability that people are creating on multimedia.

It appears we all need to become aware of the insecurity and instability many citizens and cultures are undergoing in society today.

Many stable professionals like the author above are trying to reach out on platforms like twitter to get word out about the pitfalls and dangers.

It may be more important for average people to find out what will work for them.

This is a ‘story’ that is just getting bigger.

Stay tuned for further posts with #woke effects on society today.

Writer’s Block

No motivation to write is part of the problem.

No energy to do it.

No memory doing it.

Being stuck.

What to do next?

Getting back to basics help: technology, information and using a tried and true blue print.

1. Warm up by making a journal entry. Read my writer’s handy manual and execute.

2. Brainstorm and pick out an idea to write about for a blog.

3. Finish up with first draft, edit and publish.

Practice, practice, practice!

Did you miss me, the ‘blue moon’?

You may need to wait until 2037, if you missed seeing the lunar event.

Check out more in the link below.


Opioid News

Today is a day to become aware of the opioid overdose crisis internationally and especially within the community of friends and family who have lost a loved ones through overdose.

There are many campaigns on that demonstrate the community response with information and events today.

We all know someone struggling with issues that led or lend meaning to “drugs and overdose “.

Please check out the link below for more….


Intermittent fasting, time restricted eating window, ketoish….

I am weightlifting and running and doing all the above.

So I am eating extra calories.

I’ll save some for breakfast or lunch tomorrow.

Fish onion with olive oil Himalayan salt and ground black pepper.

Mixed frozen veggies with (the above oil, salt and pepper.

Russet potato withe the above oil, salt and pepper.

Fresh whole pineapple with cinnamon!

Turmeric with Meadowsweet and ginger.


Good For The Gods!

Mike’s Pics

Or are they?

See the staff pic from the local library?

Why so many pics?

I think it is only fair to read what the ‘Staff Picks’.

And it just happens to be my favourite Author: Stephen King.

I like skimming some books to find my interest, most of these books fit this category.

The Risk Of Reading and Revenge of the Librarians are a subcategory about library books or books in general.

FAST READS are another, a best seller (look it up) and Built To Move (good health habit) (and look this one up too).

Lastly, Invasive Flora Of The West Coast and Voting: The Ultimate Appeasement. These two are from emerging local authors.

Happy Reading!