Sleep Journal

It is helpful to journal each morning and when ideas come forth to improve my sleep.

It is a deeply personal matter, that is useful to people who want to get to know themselves in a healthy way.

I have found using information and critical thinking to make informed decisions that do no harms are always a preferred outcome for me.

Sometime it is simply a good habit like not eating too close to bed, taking a shower or bath an hour and a half before bed. Then journaling for 15 or 30 minutes before bed.

Buying a good mattress and pillow and keeping other good sleep hygiene each night is useful. But the principles at the link below will also help.

Simple principles can be practiced each night that will develop habits for strong reliable sleep for whatever your situation brings to your sleep problem plate.

Journal while practicing habits and principles to get to know yourself and what works best in your unique situation.

I have had indigestion problems and gallbladder problems for about 20 years. I have probably slept less than half of people but still average a good six hours each night.

I have practiced principles and good habits most of my life. For my continued sleep and health I need to do them a lot, but everyone can benefit by doing some.

Sleep hygiene is a buzz word but there are good lists of things to try. I have benefits from regular sleep times,taking showers before bed, eating well, exercising well, and I still need to keep looking for more.

Most people’s bodies willregulate themselves with simple basic habits like the ones below.

I do all the above but because of my gallbladder I tend to need to keep moving throughout the day. I use intermittent fasting to avoid supper when my gallbladder acts up or I get indigestion from my sluggish acting gallbladder. I also take key supplements like D3 and MK7 with B1 and Magnesium L-Threonate with my daily breakfast.

I keep a good diet like keto and intermittent fast or healthier fruit, vegetables and meat when I am able. Very little salt or sugar, but maintain healthy levels of vitamins and minerals through a natural food source.

This ongoing experiment of one is augmented through reading, writing, research and study. I am very curious about how the human body regulates itself.

I love my metrics and the Pillow App helps me find a ball park measurement that works for me.

Of course I check with my doctor to make sure I am not causing more harm than good.

I expect few others have the time, motivation, inclination or opportunity to do all of the above.

But I think everyone can get help to improve and implement a healthier lifestyle.

So, this is a testament to doing my best to find a balance in my own lifestyle.

Hopefully, it will persuade you to do more for yourself.

Check out tips on sleep journal below.

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