Eat Yourself Well: My Top Mistakes

Know you know what and when to eat food.

Control your food and control your behaviour.

Stop eating food that is causing you to get sick.

Know this is a journey that leads to best health.

Know you will learn to manage your time, money and other resources.

My mistakes are about awareness. Or getting to know myself in a harmless way.

I discovered I eat sugar and that I crave it because I eat it (that is why my habit was to stop eating sugar).

I also eat too often.

I discovered intermittent fasting and keto eating by going on vegetables and lean meat.

I had to fail a few times before I could change my habits.

I stopped sugar the first time without knowing keto.

I stopped sugar the second time by eating vegetables and lean meat.

I have stopped sugar the third time by learning how to eat keto and do intermittent fasting….

Good stuff

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