Socrates Verses Me: Life Lessons

In this dialogue, I question the way he does business. Mostly, I ask him questions to which he explains himself.

Socrates: I don’t understand why you ask all these damn questions or why you constantly bring god into it.

Me: You like to ask the question and you bring up god by going against the local one.

S: Perhaps, do you know why?

M: It seems like a good way to think and challenge the local authorities and ways. To think and be more outside the box, why are you so serious?

S: I am not, who can be that way and question god about being good and look so bad!

Me: You do look like an over weight pug nosed dog with a fat belly. But you use your image to good effect by questioning everyone you meet and everything you do. Don’t you?

S: Getting to know myself is all about those principles, I may be a little too creative but there are more than chit chats and questions about life.

M: Now I think you are trying to lead me drink that indigestible virtue: justice et all.

S: Analyze this big boy, if being a world citizen mean starting with all the things in common, why not think big with self awareness, contemplating, heroism, compassion?

M: Why virtues? You could start with having a good time, go to the Olympic Games and eat,drink and be marry.

S: If everyone wants to go and have a merrymaking, I don’t judge, but some people change and live a good life by practice and it’s their business.

M: You believe people voluntarily become good by practices of virtue?

S: It is possible. And some do it. But it is more about the practice and people.

M: How?

S: Now you are too serious. I know I am. It is a good time to lighten up and make my fair well. I have plans with the wife. And we like to spend the time merrymaking together.

M: Best regards Socrates, you seem to be destined much in your life. Happy Merrymaking!

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