The Happiness Revolution

It is a little known event of recent history.

When we study and practice the evidence science and culture has unearthed in the last 20 years, we will all experience the ‘good life’.

For too long, the philosopher of the west and the guru of the east have been working towards the same goal.

This way of living is abundant in all religions and philosophical leaning methods and applications.

This application comes out of our study and contemplation of truth and beauty.

Some call it a modern day revolution because of the numbers of scientists and wisdom acting people who study and apply happiness principles to there lives to live a better way.

But people seem a little shy about celebrating the happiness revolution because it doesn’t seem appropriate to overstate or tax some way to improve humanity.

Happiness does not transmit much panic and misunderstandings. But there is very little extreme contrasting behaviour during a pandemic. We may not notice how much work, information and practical applications are available today in the science, philosophy and eastern ways of being happy.

There are many experts in this field that explain the benefit of happiness principles and can prove their worth through scientific study.

Please support the effort, it is a subject worth your attention.

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