Meditation And Contemplation

I am a meditation and contemplation practitioner with leanings towards both east and west.

To me, there needs to be a field of awareness like mindfulness in the east and a western version in the west.

Christian,Buddhist, Taoist are examples where meditation and contemplation have made it clear we must find our way through different languages and traditions in our respective locations.

But we are caring and sharing as we do it.

To stop hear in the west has been a round trip for me.

I am just beginning to see how impressive our lives are in any place.

It is important to practice the healing that meditation and contemplation can produce through a regular practice.

I am not religious or spiritual but I believe we are bigger and better organized with the healing outcome of living a ‘good life’.

I tend to take a more philosophical approach to living my life.

Perhaps, a little awareness will do us all a little good.

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