Insight from the DALAI LAMA 2020

A year long tribute, a year of gratitude to celebrate and honour the 85 year and Dalai Lama.

“If we have been reborn time after time,it is evident that we have needed many mothers to give us birth…. The first cause bringing about bodhichitta is the recognition that all beings have been our mother.”

We come from our mother, it means we were made to be in this world. We tend to be thankful. Most like to honour and respect and even obey. Many mothers have done well to feed and raise children to allow us to be here today. We may not treat our mothers as well as they deserve or visa versa for that matter. But all produce life and have potential to give back what they needed to grow and prosper.

I am grateful for my mom. We will celebrate her 88th Birthday today.

Happy B-day!

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