The Sentinel Cry

There are signs of demise and other signs too.

Yours are mine and those are kind.

See the measure of a man and know him for what and who he is.

As with all people, their measure is in being of virtue.

Let the truth ring, call a stop to your talk and inaction.

Don’t preach at all, just practice being who and what you believe is virtuous.

Let yourself shine through all the messes in your life.

Bring joy to the world,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Why We Need To Keep Striving To Live A Better Life

Why do you climb the mountain?

Because it is there. And because there is always more to learn. It is proper to find virtue in becoming a better person with better habits.

I just watched this animation film that expresses the feelings of striving and learning to live a good life using the metaphor above.

Seen “The Summit of the Gods” on Netflix yet?

If you see any value here you may enjoy watching this vid.

The Happiness Revolution

It is a little known event of recent history.

When we study and practice the evidence science and culture has unearthed in the last 20 years, we will all experience the ‘good life’.

For too long, the philosopher of the west and the guru of the east have been working towards the same goal.

This way of living is abundant in all religions and philosophical leaning methods and applications.

This application comes out of our study and contemplation of truth and beauty.

Some call it a modern day revolution because of the numbers of scientists and wisdom acting people who study and apply happiness principles to there lives to live a better way.

But people seem a little shy about celebrating the happiness revolution because it doesn’t seem appropriate to overstate or tax some way to improve humanity.

Happiness does not transmit much panic and misunderstandings. But there is very little extreme contrasting behaviour during a pandemic. We may not notice how much work, information and practical applications are available today in the science, philosophy and eastern ways of being happy.

There are many experts in this field that explain the benefit of happiness principles and can prove their worth through scientific study.

Please support the effort, it is a subject worth your attention.


Start a daily practice and give your time as a free person lives their life.

It is not an altered state of mind.

Nor calmness, joy or relaxation…

Don’t stop your thoughts.

Don’t sit on a cushion, but on a chair, the bed, the floor, or any way that works for you, inside or outside or both!

Learn to embrace change…

As it is, reality is a meditation.

Please support the effort, and do less harm.

Time To Consider That Third Jab

The authorities are recommending use of the vaccine.

The best case scenario is that everyone get 2 shots and go for a third one.

It looks like the Canadian campaign will ramp up to support a third shot asap.

Curiosity about the new omicron variant and the possibility to tweak the vaccine to improve it is seeming like a good thing.

Hopefully, these are early days and the ‘Third Jab’ will wait.

Are you going to get a third jab?

Canada Is The Best Place In The World To Grow A Business

But not according to this economist.

The National Post says otherwise. There seems to be some doubt as to the reliability of the Liberals, foreign investors, Covid-19, and much much more.

As a nation, we are in trouble.

We need innovators more than ever.

What is stopping us from growing a new economy?

We need to take a hard look at our problems and start finding workable solutions.

Business needs to take the lead and innovate our way out of this mess.

So, whoever can be convinced to do business, lend money and build solutions to the awful mess we call Canada, let’s make a deal.

With that said, I mean I need to step up my game and find ways to contribute.

What about you?

The Beginning Of The End Of Climate Change

Environmental disease is not much different from human disease.

A lot of the problem comes from pollution.

Pollution is more evident as garbage.

Sometimes changes to the environment doesn’t look like pollution: the current way we live is harming us and others.

It helps if we see it in the way it harms us. Poverty and disease harms us.

The environment is getting poorer and sicker everyday and so are we.

But there is hope.

We are learning to change our unhealthy ways.

Check out the vid bellow.

I just cooked my lunch!

Who is cooking or processing your food?

I made some good kidney beans with onions, red bell peppers with olive oil, pepper and lemon. I guess I do my own cooking and cleaning. I think we they are good habits.

You may find yourself unmotivated to cook for yourself.

Perhaps the vid above will wake you up.

Medicinal mushrooms list – A Guide – Mushroom News

Given countless mushroom species that are difficult for you or anyone to cover and sufficiently understand, there is a need for a medicinal mushrooms list
— Read on

To practice good health there are many over the counter products to use.

Herbal Syrup (with 15 natural herbs & honey) is a good place to start.

And so are mushrooms, an excellent source of minerals and nutrients.

Yet, it may take more information to guide the nervous novice.

Stay calm, still, silent and safe…