Nick Cordero, actor who died from COVID-19, to get online memorial tribute | National Post

TORONTO — A memorial tribute to Nick Cordero, the Canadian stage icon who died from COVID-19 in July, is set to air on a new streaming platform tonight.
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People are getting sick and dying from COVID-19.

It is important to remember and grieve the lose.

As a Canadian, I believe a tribute is appropriate for many.

Let’s remember Nick.

Autism and the Microbiome- The New Indian Express

It is estimated that worldwide one in 160 children has an Autism Spectrum Disorder with the estimate representin an average figure, and reporting prevalence varies substantially across studies.
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More kids getting Autism may not surprise you.

Someone in your family probably will.

To learn more about the disease is the starting point for us all.

Education is key, please support the effort.

Go To School For 30 Days

To learn from small failures or successes make my day.

Today that means chores, relationships, preparation, reading, writing, blogging, research and pictures.

I am going to make (and consume) some good decafe.

I am going to spend some time with my family.

I am going to prepare for work.

And play with what I fondly like to call my hobbies.

To take on all of this like a good habit for 30 days, to be grateful and blog about it each day, that is the challenge.

The Best Reason to Go to College

The Best Reason to Go to College
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I know nothing.

Why go to school?

It’s dangerous, you may expand your mind.

As someone who keeps coming to school, I run into people who teach me to listen.

Women help me understand or get to know another point of view.

As a left handed person living I a right handed world, I don’t want to be left out.

Iliketoresearch,read,write,review,reassess, and learn new things.

School is for all of us.

Getting It Together…

Looking after myself is becoming a daily or hourly chore.

When I can,I am being there for family and friends

More than ever, I need to connect with myself, friends, family and coworkers.

I am learning to connect more with community and others.

This kind of stress with Covid-19 and the fentanyl crisis is helping me find ways to deal with long term problems.

It’s still about living the good life during bad times.

I need all my resources focused on working out new problems and maintaining a growing need for work life balance.

I am having to take on additional work and family responsibilities without creating excessive stress.

The unknown does make it all too much sometimes.

I keep doing what works.

The rest and recreation from this long weekend is going to be stretched for my reservoir of strength and hope.

Best wishes to all doing the same.

Talking Peace With The Most Violent Offender In The Epidemic Fentanyl

Do you see the homeless running from the emotional and mental violence.

We see the metal fencing in our community, streets, parks and city hall.

We see our police taking you down in our downtown.

The drug use is fentanyl, are you able to talk about why you take this suicidal prescription?

I believe people become suicidal due to conditions out of their control.

I think our resources are being well spent on these violent mostly young males.

The cost of this dialogue to me is to be less violent and more helpful to mostly young men who seem violent, suicidal and threat to my lifestyle.

I am watching it behind the COVID-19 Pandemic which blinds my line of sight.

Perhaps, I need to practice more peace keeping with those suffering from this terrible scourge we all deal with each day.

There are many resources being well spent on Covid-19.

My wish is that society will help these violent young suicidal males on Fentanyl.

My wish for myself is to become a better person despite these problems we all face.

My best wishes go out to all those who are touched by these problems in society today.

Oil Spill Response

In Canada, there is a healthy sense of activism over many areas of concern. Here is one that is finding answers.

To name the people is part of the news, but to name the experience is how to live like an activist.

Good people make the planet a better way to live in the universe.

Oil spills may be a mistake but people can go a long way towards correcting an oil spill or any other kind of mistake.

Good story, have a read!

Would You Vote For Nonviolence?

Top ten ways to be nonviolent are all an expression of societal love.

‘Secular’ does not express common ways people are good to each other in society.

Societal love is the many ways people are treating each other well.

To practice nonviolence is to become less violent.

Our many emotional and mental behaviours lead to organizations that become more violent.

Education from people who live in mainstream culture and practice nonviolence is key.

Learn from these people and support their message and behaviour, consider learning their ways to practice in your life.

I believe in a world “Kill Your TV” day. I think if we all turned off TV together it would support a healthy dialogue on nonviolence.

Number one way to practice nonviolence is too practice it as a peacemaker in your day to day activities.

Listen to others point of view, have a dialogue with them. Understand no one will be the big winner or looser. But the truth about peace is that both sides need to compromise or change. The Dalai Lama said this best in his inspirational calendar, Monday August 31, “Insight from the Dalai Lama. “

Give “nonviolence” a chance…

Propaganda Meets Entertainment As World Politics Heat Up

Money is an expression of power, so is business, politics and religion.

There is a kind of animation or cartoon appeal to all the above.

Most people read papers like the Epoch Times as a form of entertainment but any media can be used by governments, political parties and others as propaganda.

At the seat of many problems it is a combination of all the above.

This paper is a good example of harmless entertainment being used for or by others to harm or fight another group.

Why is this wacky stuff going on in the world today?

It almost looks like ideology wars.

Many would say it is an obvious pro Trump or anti China paper.

Perhaps a pro religion anti government paper, pro conspiracy anti fact…

The paper would be a farce if it was strictly entertainment, but the serious business makes it a money maker and unites many political followers under the guise of bad entertainment.

To me propaganda is like porn, vile in its exploitation, animated in its execution and violent in its consumption and excess use.

But I believe in freedom of speech, debates to discover useful truth and wisdom, however the application of said worth is something we all need to sort out for ourselves.

What do you think of the Epoch Times?

People And COVID-19

Summer is coming to a close, and in the fall many parents and students are preparing to return to school and work.

Many people are concerned about the ‘second wave’ and ‘cold and flu season’.

In BC, Adrian Dix and Bonnie Henry, are doing their best to lead the province into this transition as calmly and safely and thoughtfully as the leadership can muster.

Employers are also putting their best foot forward.

We are being reminded what important steps we must all undertake to keep safe.

Preparation for September 2020

Please support the effort,