The False Self Vs. The True Self

In this dialogue, the conscious self talks to the subconscious self to find a balance and repair some emotional and mental knots.

Conscious self: I want to make it perfectly clear that I am happy you make me feel so much pain and that I suffer so.

Subconscious self: I have been listening to you for years. Can you hear me?

cs: Like I was saying, I think D.W. Winnicott has got a lot of it right about mothers and children. When my brother died, I felt very sad and I still do.

ss: Did you hear me? I have been telling you about your brother for years.

cs: I say, did you recommend that book “Solitude: Return To The Self by Anthony Storr? It talks about Winnicott, “The Capacity To Be Alone.

ss: Yes, you use to go out side at 50 bellow to be alone.

cs: I have a sort of practice going on how to be alone.

ss: We do. And it is starting to work after 60 years.

cs: ‘We must reserve a little back-shop, all our own, entirely free, wherein to establish our true liberty and principle retreat and solitude.’ Montaigne

ss: I better get going and make some more friends.

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