Charterpedia – Section 7 – Life, liberty and security of the person

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The truth may set you free but it is painful and requires a consciousness to make the effort necessary to gain the freedom outlined in Canadian law.

To do no harm requires the self knowledge and practice of habits that allows one to act without doing harm to themselves or others.

Some pain will be simple tolerance towards self and others.

Other pain will be born through the labor of the practice to master ways that enhance acts that allow us to live together in relative freedom.

Coupled with the legal system above, Canada will enjoy a pretty good life.

This is a best practice and the more that participate, the better ways will be discovered and put to good use.

But to find true happiness is a personal journey that requires one’s full attention at least part of your time.

This and the law are typically only as good as the people using it.

Engage Canadian law in a way that works for you.

I’m no lawyer but even I see the value of being aware of it.

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