As I seek for meaning on my birthday…

Fact, I will be 62, but the day and month and year I was born will not say much but add more facts.

Yet, the important part of my birthday is about the truth and beauty….

Sometimes, I seek peace, when I am hurt and need to heal.

Sometimes, I seek pain to find the truth to earn the freedom and peace of mind that allow me to do no harm to myself and others.

Isn’t it beautiful how we can seek out meaning in life to help us recover from the harm that befalls us all.

I believe in living the good life, with and without pain when to do so does not harm me or others.

And I seek out ways to live a better life, even when I am happy in a peaceful way and do not have much harm to myself or others.

The truth is that I have no answers that don’t contradict the facts and experience in my life.

The truth and beauty will always be available as nature calls for my body, mind and soul.

It is out of my control.

But I can learn to accept it to some degree each day which will make my own passing less sorrowful, less harmful to myself and others.

In the meantime, I enjoy much of my present, past and hopefully my future.

After all, I am seeking a Happy Birthday!

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