The Emergence Of Nonviolent In A Life

To practice inner peace is to practice non-violence in life.

The balance between self and others comes from using inner peace to live a good life.

There are many teachers in philosophy to help one find balance in life.

Suffice it to say, be compassionate to the self to find the least harm and best way to live.

Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Socrates all demonstrated this by keeping the process private.

They did not expect others to use writings or diaries to promote a philosophical or ways to develop each nonviolent life.

But to practice your own way of peace based on your own emergence from within yourself.

This is so in religion like all major sects that supports self development.

A secular practice is emerging as well.

Humanity will develop in this direction, but why wait?

There is no bumper sticker or slogan for a good way to live because to actualize it means to follow that which emerges individually and a community of like minded people will be organic.

It is worth mentioning for awareness sake.

It’s hard enough to do for yourself.

You need not go any further.

That is the sense of philosophical wisdom that emerges for each of us.

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