Calm Common Sense

Self direction is best done with a clear mind and a sincere motive.

Good support is also a true indicator.

My objective is a good lifestyle that works with the goal to obtain the outcomes of happiness and peace of mind.

My practice include the routine of exercise for body and mind.

By exercise I include healthy sleep, nutrition and work that keeps me safe and fit.

There are many ways and good choices to make these outcomes in my day to day living.

The regular use of my good habits and self evident outcomes prove to myself, friends and relatives their worth.

This is simple to say but complicated to produce on the regular basis.

Success and failure occur on the regular basis.

My resources are spent and need replenishing like everybody else.

Building commitment and responsibility to this end goes hand and hand with the outcome.

There is no free lunch here.

We all earn our upkeep on subjective wellbeing.

We all make mistakes and learn through experience with good support from family and friends.

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