Existential Poop

Sometimes, the best laid plans go astray…

I read a little about the East-West Conversation on the American Renaissance.

Because, when I left the house with a big bag of garbage…  I had to come back to pick up a library item I need to return today.

I had planned to go out for a healthy 1.5 hour hike.

Unbeknownst to me, I had left my ‘travel wallet’ on the floor beside the toilet.

I decided to do my dishes early and skip the hike because I needed to have a coffee, slow down to be calm, I needed to do my chores!  To clear and clean up my workspace to write.  And I needed to continue the poop (I thought I was done with this personal chore).

Anyway, besides finding my ‘travel wallet’, I am reading and writing about truth in the west.

If I can paraphrase Walt Whitman, poets understand human potential as limitless and bring light to the bonds of life that unite all humanity.

Here in the west we continue the dialogue or conversation with the east to eclipse our forefather’s wisdom to help unite a now global community.


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