a woman in distress

In this dialogue, it appears that a woman drives up to the gas station to fix her flat tire and doesn’t know what to do. She really has a flat rear tire.

Woman: oh my god, what should I do? She coyly looks at the man. I don’t even know how to inflate a tire. Can you help me?

Man: yes, he goes and grabs the still running air hose from when he inflated his, 5 seconds longer and he would of been outta there.

W: I don’t know a thing about flat tires. Thank you for being my knight in shining armour. I thought tires inflated themselves?

M: Some do.

W: What now?

M: He walks around to the driver’s side and opens the door. I need to check the pressure requirements for your car and try to inflate it.

W: where do I , you, find it and do it?

M: It says 32 psi for the rear tire. He pumps it full of air.

W: what is wrong with the tire?

M: it is really low. I think it may be the valve. He notices she is very interested in everything he is saying and doing. She is very attentive and is leaning towards him as she smiles and listens to his reply.

W: thanks again, I don’t know what to do. Should I go shopping? Is it safe?

M: I don’t think it’s safe to go anywhere but home.

W: I appreciate all you do. Thanks for putting up with me and my car.

M: no problem. I think it might be the valve. It seems to be a normal flat. It probably went flat overnight. I see no puncture or loud leak. But, please go straight home.

W: Will I need to change the tire?

M: most likely, it will go flat again, I’d get it tested and change it before taking it in. You may need to buy a tire and pay for the job to be done.

W: thanks so much, you really are wonderful.

M. Thanks.

Off they went their separate ways.

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