COVID-19 Meditation

Develop a feeling of stillness and solidity for this practice.

Develop a path that is dedicated to yourself as well as working with others.

The sitting meditation is the starting point to become aware of yourself, environment and others.

There is very little difference between sitting and standing or laying down meditation.

In fact, awareness is a meditation practice throughout life anytime, any place and anywhere.

So, why not meditate about COVID-19 and become aware, find a balance with your ups and downs and let go of excessive stress, anxiety and fear.

Be present today during the pandemic and make a mindfulness practice of it.

Do no harm and prevent harm.

Let go of confusion by practicing awareness throughout the day.

Disrupt the chain reaction by interrupting ‘hurry and worry’ to become habitually mindful or aware of the present.

Let the good, bad and ugly be present if and when it is present.

Don’t do harm, prevent it.

COVID-19 is nothing if not confusing, present, stressful and abundant.

Allow yourself to be in these states of mind sometimes rather than trying to deny or avoid them.

Learn to take the good with the bad, but not to react or harm yourself through lack of awareness and a lack of being present.

Find the strength to start a meditation practice and you will never want to stop due to the unforeseen benefits.

Learn to discipline the mind while being whole as a person with less desire to act on compulsive or negative states of mind.

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