Arrian Lived The ‘Good Life’

Socrates and Plato, Epictetus and Arrian

In this description, the principle is not fame or fortune, but the anonymity surrounding the ‘ good life’ or living well.

Socrates cared less for fame and fortune than all the rest.

He appeared without shoes or fine clothing,

He suffered to become an example of a philosophy that lead him to give his life for the way.

Plato had more clothes and opportunity than Socrates.

He put his principles into the writings about the way to best live.

He suffered his peers to be able and willing to write, read and study.

Epictetus took Socrates and his pupils to heart.

He became a great teacher to live the good life.

And Arrian left many books, his teacher’s way seems to be his most direct account of the good life.

Sure, everyone remembers Plato, Socrates and Epictetus for their work.

But I would like to imagine a life like Arrian’s.

To live and breath philosophy for its own sake.

To live the good life.

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