Hating People

Hate speech, hate spin and poor behavior at best…

To scapegoat an issue or people based on assumptions or misusing other people who have reason to be so upset…

It is hard to see the problem when deeply embroiled in an ongoing problem.

Why were the Nazis so afraid, hateful and abusive to Jewish people?

Why are people feeling this same way about other groups like Islam?

Whipping up hate in groups of people lead to violence.

We don’t need this kind of behaviour in sensitive problems among big groups of people.

Individuals train themselves, with support from family and friends to correct this kind of needless violence against others, but sometimes it is left unchecked and grows into a large difficult complex issue.

Become informed, educated and change to be better able to deal with today’s hate problems.

Disturbing news like the these can really rock people to their core.

The following CBC news report is a good case and point: “Free speech firebrand Tommy Robinson’s contentious views on Islam spreading beyond the U.K.”

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