I am Is A Good Way To Talk To Yourself

To create a good habit we must repeat it many times and sometimes in different ways.

To talk to ourselves using an affirmation can be used for good and bad.

To do no harm is the best outcome.

To tell ourselves a joke that is truly funny will be a genuine laugh but learn to tell a joke that is also becoming in its nature.

Learn to become the affirmation.

Combine all the things that make the affirmation true to you.

The fruit of your belief is whatever you truly desire.

Practice it with all you are made of to gain the best reward.

Do you practice being what you wish to become?

Do you know what to practice?

How to practice is unique to who and what you are.

Always be yourself.

Your intentions may be true but you may believe in a counter productive way.

Learn to undo any self harm.

Create yourself in a better way.

Try not to lie to yourself.

Affirmation is like a story.

Always be authentic and do no harm.

Remember we tend to believe what we tell ourselves.

So learn to tell the truth.

We can become our affirmations with work and good practice.

But we need to be clear and to the point and learn how to put our belief into practice within our day to day lives each day.

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