Is It Too Early For Valentine’s Day?

Romance Never Grows Old

Okay, my poetry doesn’t rhyme, but ‘a rose is a rose, is a rose’.

I like the chocolate, but not the big day, is there something wrong with me?

Dating didn’t work in my 20’s, was messy in my 30’s, ended badly in my 40’s and doesn’t happen in my 50’s.

Young, middle aged and old, romance never grows old.


Showing All My Love

My rapture or passion for a woman can be too much in a healthy relationship.

She is good to me, and I am too obsessed with her.

I need to be alone.

I can take a hint:  even when her two big brothers need to remind me to leave.

There is romance, flirtations and good love and good times,

And there is repressed anger and bad love and bad times,

I am learning to get through the bad times and live well in the good times.

I am accepting my repressed anger and letting the passion out in safer ways,

Let me show you:

Romance (Sentimentality too!)

The way to love each other is opening up.

She looks at the one she wants to meet.

Sometime we are too hurt to open up.

It always helps to have a friend or relative for support.

Talking things over, we uncover our true selves.

We all have feelings that need to be expressed to each other.

To see opportunity for love,

May take courage when things go wrong.

We are all open when things are working,

And people get a chance to connect.

Go get your love and support from friends and relatives.

Go find or discover your love connection.


He says, She Says

“Kiss me.”

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing, kiss me again.”

“Why do you want me to kiss you all the time?”

“I don’t , I need time for myself and you do too.”

“I do not need time to myself , right now.”

“Alright then, what do you want from me?”

“I like it very much when you listen to what I say and tolerate what I do.”


“I like it when you are moderate, direct in speech, and being your best.”