Flowers Make Me Happy (oh, my happy valentine)

If ever a rose were to sing a song, I know ‘crimson’ would enter the lyric.

But a tulip would dance and think of romance while swaying to and fro.

The carnation would drive in a pickup truck for wine and chocolates.

There are fewer flowers still, wild in the hills, that color this beautiful landscape.

Nature’s the thing and daisies make rings, that symbolize weddings and relationship things.

Delicate flowers, the orchid is surely one, with a stoic white porcelain appearance and fine lines and profile, a pretty soft smooth touch.  If colors were choices and flowers made up their minds, it would choose many from the visible spectrum.

Flowers make me happy any time of year, but today I think of a significant other.

Each one of us deserve to see and smell the roses!

Happy Valentines Day 2019

Is It Too Early For Valentine’s Day?

Romance Never Grows Old

Okay, my poetry doesn’t rhyme, but ‘a rose is a rose, is a rose’.

I like the chocolate, but not the big day, is there something wrong with me?

Dating didn’t work in my 20’s, was messy in my 30’s, ended badly in my 40’s and doesn’t happen in my 50’s.

Young, middle aged and old, romance never grows old.