Come Hither!

Who art thou?

I promise you, five years from now, on November 8, 2025.

I will be older, but so will you.

What kind of promise do you want to make.

Practice the good life, ‘cooperate and collaborate’, then maybe we can talk.

Yes, we can think tank together.

No violence, no big money, unless you come up with a good enough reason.

But, why not, why not have a closed forum, with all members who think, are compassionate, and practice non-violence.

Why not meet behind closed door and see what we can come up with.

It is not revolution, it is evolution. Growing up by any other name.

Showing All My Love

My rapture or passion for a woman can be too much in a healthy relationship.

She is good to me, and I am too obsessed with her.

I need to be alone.

I can take a hint:  even when her two big brothers need to remind me to leave.

There is romance, flirtations and good love and good times,

And there is repressed anger and bad love and bad times,

I am learning to get through the bad times and live well in the good times.

I am accepting my repressed anger and letting the passion out in safer ways,

Let me show you: