Media reports latest In Ebola Outbreak

There is trouble in this District republic of the Congo in the form of a nasty virus called Ebola.

Many people have died, been infected and some have recovered from this virus.

The numbers have slowly increased over the last four months, but the authorities have been pushing to maintain control over a serious situation.

Globally, China, USA, Canada and many others have been offering support and assistance as the problem continues to grow.

On the ground, in the region affected things have heated up due to the added violence due to civil warring and unrest.

WHO and many others are sending health workers and medical assistance to all those who need it.

With our hopes and prayers and support and assistance this outbreak may still be kept under control with persistence and tenacity.

Please remain calm, helpful and aware, this is still a difficult and unpredictable situation.

Gender Differences

A moral compass can usually help people with their differences.

All people are created equal, regardless of religion, sex, age or other differences.

To harm another due to discrimination needs to be actively resisted and educated against.

Learning to share power and embrace change is part of outgrowing prejudgement and needlessly blaming people who look or act different.

When social norms change it requires people who are ready to change too.

The writing will be on the wall:  nothing will hold us back.


Social Good

To spin this story, it helps to look at the good first.

There is also a excessive amount of doubt.

The final judgement has to do with sex crime like rape and abuse.

Yet, there is a goodness about traversing the playing field.


We put people on a higher level than ourselves at a risk.

There is a risk to accusing someone of rape.

There is a risk to charging someone with rape.

There is a risk to finding someone guilty of rape.


Yet, the dialogue, the relationship that we engage with as a society over this experience will help us as individuals and as a society.

We hold up many examples of violence to help us recover, improve and heal.

We want things to be simple and straight forward, but this is sometimes a gray area.

To all those who are harmed by this experience we wish them a speedy recovery.


We want everyone to improve, and heal.

We want a healthy and just society.



Do We Need To Visualize Nuclear War?

There are many countries preparing nuclear weapons for war.

There are many experts studying the situation.

A nuclear war is possible.

Why do I study it?

I believe it is necessary to try to understand and take my responsibility for this possibility.

I have watched a few documentaries, read a few books, talked about it with friends and relatives.

I try to stay current on the topic.

I don’t try to panic or scare people about this spooky subject.

Much of the defense and military reasons seem available for discussion but I do very little to convince people of the need to chit chat about this topic

However there is an interesting video that the curious may want to view.

My sincere desire is for peace and to practice nonviolent ways to continue learning about current affairs to do with nuclear war.