Social Good

To spin this story, it helps to look at the good first.

There is also a excessive amount of doubt.

The final judgement has to do with sex crime like rape and abuse.

Yet, there is a goodness about traversing the playing field.


We put people on a higher level than ourselves at a risk.

There is a risk to accusing someone of rape.

There is a risk to charging someone with rape.

There is a risk to finding someone guilty of rape.


Yet, the dialogue, the relationship that we engage with as a society over this experience will help us as individuals and as a society.

We hold up many examples of violence to help us recover, improve and heal.

We want things to be simple and straight forward, but this is sometimes a gray area.

To all those who are harmed by this experience we wish them a speedy recovery.


We want everyone to improve, and heal.

We want a healthy and just society.



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