If It’s Not Time Travel, What The Hell Is It?

Light is arguably the most mysterious substance in the universe.


It boggles the mind how light seems to show up in all the interesting equations like the one above.

What about particles of light like quanta?

Quantum mechanics is another theory that is still creating mystery like quantum computers. But there seems to be some progress with producing more energy out than put into the mix with lasers and superconductors.

Claimed superconductor LK-99 is an online sensation — but replication efforts fall short (nature.com)

Alright, speculation does not help in this situation.

It is better safe than sorry, right?

Not to act paranoid, but playing around with energy and forces we do not understand requires sober minds with careful planning and execuation.

The idea here is to stay informed and do no harm.

Use the proper protocols to ensure nothing dangerous results from leading experimentation in this field or any other area of the energy science work being done in populated areas.

News is suppose to help us be informed on anything dangerous or odd that occurs.

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