How To Operate My Will

Will power is a great idea, but it is greatly influenced by personal beliefs.

I know I can not sell the belief to ‘keep it to yourself’.

To me, I like to keep my desires on hold.

When I get too angry I go for a walk to cool down.

Then I like to journal.

Walking and journaling help me think things through.

Writing and blogging are good ways for me to produce creative products.

All my tools help me use my will to power what my moral compass is pointing to whether I am struggling, coasting or celebrating in the moment.

My life has more changes to live through and I need to use my will in a good way to live a good life.

Operating my will is the single thing I can truly control in my life.

I need to continue the practice the habit which uses my will to use the proper use of impressions and do no harm.

To me this is the single most important principle I can use my will to obey.

Again, this is something I need to ‘keep to myself’.

It’s really no big secret, but I believe it is the best way to live a good life.

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