[Peisistratus and Solon], Ruling leads to Democracy

Power lay in the hands of kings, back in the 6th century.  Aristocracies and Tyrannies were part of the puzzle that led to democracy.  Thanks to the masterful acting of one ruler, history played a role in securing a big piece of the pattern we now call democracy.  Or this is what the Athenians call their government of the day. His name, Peisistratus, became a popular leader in the day.  And his struggles eventually won better ways to govern in this world.  In this dialogue, the ruler tells a good friend how he has gained power and why.

Peisistratus:  Solon, you make a better lover than a ruler.  And yet, you are my cousin the law maker.

Solon:  You might quench my lust, but me thinks you prefer power over bronze.

P:  Let me tell you how to have anything your heart desires.  Can you act Solon?

S:  As a lawmaker, I am asked to act out the role of many parts the people live through that may or may not be true.

P:  Exactly, I prefer to use life as my stage.  And I will insist the truth is mine to gain favor and power over the people.  Even, if I must allow people good government.

S:  But when you pretended your political opponent bloodied and damaged your horse and chariot, you invented a fiction to convince the mop.  You won favor and power that day.

P:  But that same political opponent won it back by accusing me of scandles and sexual abuse towards my wife.

S:  And now you have raised an army to win back the power through military action.

P:  Yes, the tools of power:  peace, war, acting and others.  Perhaps, my actions may even create a new form of government.

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