[Pythagoras, Student], Death Of A King

When Polycrates died, so did Samos, the little Island was taken by the Persians.  Yet, the king ruled well and the people prospered.  He built a temple, huge honoring to Hera.  And on another Island, Rhenea, he transmitted the Devine energy to Delos via a great chain between the islands.  In this dialogue, the exiled philosopher speaks to his student about the death of the king.

Student:  Master, master, did you hear the good news?

Pythagoras:  No child, but tell me.

S:  The king is dead.

P:  May I return to Samos?  Has the aristcratic’s rival family really lost its way?

S:  More than ‘lost its way’, Polycrates has been brutally murdered and his remains are nailed to a stake, rotting in the sun and rain of Anatolia.

P:  Yes, and whoever rules Samos, most likely the Persians, will still keep me from my home.  Thank you, for the news, my boy.

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