[Herodotus, Future Poet], My Biography 

In this dialogue, the sparse information about this Greek historian is expressed through the two characters.  By the end, it is clear that little is known about this author and orator.  

“The data are so few-they rest upon such late and slight authority;  they are so improbable or so contradictory, that to compile them into a biography is like building a house of cards, which will blow to the ground.  Still, certain points may be approximately fixed…”-George Rawlinson

Herodotus:  Do you believe in Devine Intervention?

Future Poet:  I can not lay claim to beauty and truth.

H:  I like to travel widely:  Asia Major to other countries, ports and cities.  Along the way, I interview men of interest.  I am recording history in our fair land.

F.P.:  More truth and beauty that lends itself to the patterns seen in the past.

H:  Have you seen the ‘harp player from Cyclades’?  A fine piece of marble sculpture that pays homage to the gods.

F.P.:  I believe your life work pays the best homage to the gods.

H:  I am both a speaker and author.  My only hope is that our brief encounter may help me be better at doing my two great passions.

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