Love Life

A reflection of compassion, simplicity and patience is to pray, love and laugh.

A good soul is to use the mind in the above way.

Many famous people are kept alive through ideas we attribute to them.

We all struggle to free ourselves from vice or temptations.

The harm done through ignorance, mistakes and violence lend doubt and fear to the ups and downs in living day to day.

Even contemporary philosophy is against finite optimism.

To conquer all this injury requires a power rule, not to mention a lot of help and work.

Maybe it is time to resurrect some form of care and attention to our woes.

Perhaps, more love is the remedy.


Why is everybody burning themselves up?

The final resting place seem less than a tomb or a mausoleum and more like a ‘final decision ‘ based on a distraction or mobility issue.

My father’s ashes were spread over the water while a group of family and friends stood by and mourned or participated as best they could.

I, on the other hand, plan to leave a passport, with a list of all the things I wish done and to accompany me on this final voyage.  If I could, I would leave a kind of time capsule (for when I wake up?).

Rational, passionate…a wake or a funeral, it is part of life, thinking about our death.

Cremation seems to be the tried and true method:



How many roles do I play where I am attempting to impress myself and others by using affected speech, being ostentatious, showy or overly ambitious, a pompous ass, artificially inflating my part, overblowing the issue, sounding high and mighty, using flowery speech, being grandiose and elaborating beyond the pale (like I am now).

We all do it. We all do it, badly.

So I practice the opposite: being genuine, telling things honestly.

I moderate my speech and behavior.

My virtue is modest, plain, simple, humble, and unconceited when I am at my best.

I attempt to write the way I talk, using common speech as a model towards writing simple truth and using plain language.

I am sick of hearing myself talk or being depicted in the first person.

I find it easier to use silence to persuade myself to use an economy of words when I speak.

But as a curious student who tries too hard to get it right. I tend to overdo my mistakes before I can become aware of them and take a better approach.

I offer you a chance to question all that I say here by engaging me or your closer friends in a chit-chat or discussion about this topic of being a ‘blowhard’.

I just found myself judging the clerk at the store today.  I said, “You are being pretentious.”  Of course, I was talking to myself.