Why Psychological Resilience and Why Loyalty?

First, define these terms.

Second, engage and express these terms.

Lastly, show these terms.

There is an innate ability to build better ways to live a good life that don’t cause harm while doing your best.

Psychological resilience is build one moment at a time by facing conflict with courage, compassion and patience. And so is loyalty.

To define these terms are to know what they mean to you and how to apply them over time: to build them, use them and benefit from them….

So read about Psychological Resilience bellow.


Loyalty is doing stuff for others with no benefits or no personal reward from them but the knowledge that you helped them build both loyalty and personal psychological resilience for themselves.


And it works, the proof is in the experience.

So, use that faith you use to be loyal and that resilience you use to courageously face adversity and benefit physiologically wth a better immune system and manageable stress.

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