Love Of Wisdom

Be free like the yellow sun.

Shine your light for all to see.

Be bright, open, cast your desires away…

Be brave, do no harm, challenge change for good outcomes.

Be thoughtful, do more research, writing, study before you act.

Be free, be calm, be silent, be still.

Be compassionate, be kind, be understanding.

Heal yourself, reach out to others, find your own way.

Be real, work for the ‘good life’ in all you do and say.

Be true to your healing and liberty to be free.

For all the world to see,

Yellow sun, light of day, float in the heavens at night,

Forever a power to energize life,

Contemplate the way to be free.

Courage to be.

Compassionate light, for all to see!

One life to live and learn and love.

A moment of peace and solitude.

A measure of patience for a lifetime.

A promise to keep forever.

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