The Positive Side Of Solitude (This is a description not an indictment)

img_0543Deep visualization reveals an animation like a comic strip.

With this core focus, there is a deep sleep and quiet.

A joyful kind of aloneness is being able to contemplate in a still, peaceful and calm manner.

It’s like being alert within the mind in your own wilderness.

At this level of awareness, nothingness seems possible, but being alive and happy about it is part of the satisfaction felt during this altered state of mind.

Here mindfulness of the relaxation kind can help relax the body and therefore the brain.

Being alone does not need to be all about mental pushups.

The relaxed, resting brain allows the mind to relax and rest in a calmer stillness like ‘Walden Pond’ and Henry’s David Thoreau’s cabin in the woods purpose.

An awakening mind may find solitude in this kind of silence.

During times of less mental chatter and very little visualizing, a kind of white noise/starkness begins to emerge like a deep meditation.

There are times when being by oneself is identical to standing mentally beside oneself in the observation mode.

Again, it is like practicing meditation to acquire the outcomes like focus, awareness, stillness, silence, calm absent from all the strong negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression, self pity, resentment etc.


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